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Gctsystem Infomation Co., Ltd. , Thank you for visiting this site, in-depth discussions with the company? is integrated enterprise resource demand ERP software build, for you Characteristics of marketing performance and continued growing, and leading industry research and development and international trade, can help Benefits. The companys suite of existing software systems for less than the Department has improved, for example, product mix and Production routing to address the problem, the number of semi-finished inventory are not allowed to, and cross-unit information can not be successfully cast change; and new Required, the effectiveness of the system, for example, part of the English face additional day, combined with the pay card system, and the combination of Article Code processing, such as the axis of ERP software development, there are detailed explanations and of hand.
Our mission:
By Gctsystem Information Society technical adviser, technical guidance, build double-track approach, companies that import the initial set of The latest, complete E-Business software can be used, the daily operation of the import business is also affected; post Business process software architecture, so that each unit of real demand and improve daily operations, can be imported and then Customized for software operation and complementary business operations, not only to demonstrate corporate characteristics. Web-based systems to high security of Microsoft Terminal Service whom (with RDP), only low Bandwidth to transmit check information screen, not really data, information and more protection for multinational companies; Single A Microsoft platform build the fastest and most economical, if the combination of Windows 2008 Server Shadow Copy Restore functionality and hardware RAID, so that data redundancy is more at ease without worry.
Add to Microsoft powerful relational database FoxPro compiled, in addition to a large database can be linked, for example, Oracle and SQL Server, it can support many different platforms, applications, for example, The use of Internet; it easy for the next five to ten years of business needs.
Company Overview
GctSystem Information , founded in 1995 to projects developed by the screen can operate in multiple languages of customized software services Service businesses, such as manufacturing, financial services, and service industries, the company founder has over 20 years in the industry of information products
Senior experience in the industry, members of the company also has vigorous industry consultant counseling experience in actual combat. Company aim is that by Joint venture personnel compile accurate and detail the information flow to provide the knowledge base manager ability to source and only In the goodness of the drive, so that cooperation between business, performance, profit Pom.
Company History Founded in
1995, and Wufeng Farmers Association, Great Lakes Area Farmers, farmers will set up administrative systems Longjing.
1996, MRP-II development enterprise integration software, have for the mountain of industrial, agricultural machines rich vegetables, Chinese food letter Products, intellectual guidance on the full line of industrial success.
1997 for the Omura, Lutheran, water and other health care systems of agricultural farm will create success on-line counseling. Sakura Japanese companies Precision Industry Association in
1998 into the budget and accounting system on-line counseling success.
1999 Association of Taiwan Province into education and training system, boiler, two foresters into the administrative system will be on-line counseling Success. Secretary for International Trade Development
2000 Yusheng Gong system, agricultural machinery plant development Yunong MRP-II counseling business integration software On-line success.
2001 Tanzih Farmers counseling on-line into a successful administrative system.
2002, the logistics provider for a broadband on-line counseling to establish a successful logistics system.
2003 Development of ERP-II software, enterprise resource integration for Regal Electronics, and a Dutch import ERP photoelectric Counseling on-line success of the system.
2004 HSBC group model, consistent macro industry into ERP-II software, enterprise resource integration counseling on-line success, for large Where farmers will design collateral management. Xing piston
2005 is enterprise resource planning ERP-II line of integrated software guidance on successful, the same year as the Taichung City government Government will establish the budget management of public policy. Fu Sheng,
2006 Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP-II integrated software counseling on line success.
2007 Great Lakes Area Farmers cooperative marketing success of the operating system on-line counseling.
2008 Great Lakes personnel salary counseling attendance card on-line operating system integration success. Xing piston 2009 is on the line cost accounting.
2010 Ming Shun Co.Ltd Enterprise Resource Planning Upgrade Hyper-V + ERPII To reach ERPIII-VM.
2011 Yusheng Gong Division e-commerce system online, active R & D 3D virtual world integration of existing technologies Hyper-V + ERPII To reach ERPIII-VM.
2012 Cheng Shing Piston EDI ,Sharepoint ,Knowlage management.
2013 Omax marine,Cheng Shing,Ming Shun Co.Ltd and so on Email server created.
2014 Yu Shong Enterprise resource planning online.
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